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ARRESTED: Possession of controlled substance (cocaine)

Jesus Correa (41)

On 3-​8-2018, Officer conducted a traffic stop on a maroon Chevy Tahoe for traffic violations at the 2700 block of Boca Chica Blvd. Officers made contact with the driver who was identified as Jesus Correa. Officer obtained consent to search of the vehicle . K-9 Agent deployed his partner to perform a sniff of the exterior of the vehicle. K-9 alerted to the engine area of the vehicle. Vehicle was taken to the police where a more thorough search was conducted. Agents located 4 bundles of a white substance in the engine area of the vehicle. The substance tested positive for cocaine. A total of 9.25 pounds of cocaine was seized from the vehicle. Correa was charged with the Traffic Violations and with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

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