Records Division

The Records Division Processes and Maintains files on all incoming Police Reports. The Records Division forwards report copies to the appropriate court agencies, and provides citizens with requested copies of reports based on the Public Information Act.

The Public can request the following from the Records Division:

Background/Criminal History Checks

In  order for us to process a Record Check, we need for you to submit several documents. Please find below a list of documents needed.


1. Filled Record Check form (click here to download form)

2. Color copy of a valid ID ( State DL, or  ID, Consulate Card, Visa, Passport)

3. A notarized letter giving us authorization to run your criminal history check.

4. $7.00 fee (can be paid over the phone once we receive all the requested documents).      If paid by check , please issue to the “City of Brownsville.”.


All the information requested can be mail to:  

           Att: Records Division

                  Brownsville Police Department

                  600 E. Jackson St.

                  Brownsville, Texas 78520


Or email all required information to

For more information please call 956-548-7111 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday


Alarm Permits


  1. An Alarm permit is valid for the year it was issued only.

  2. All alarm permits must be renewed prior to January 1 of the following year.

  3. Residential and Business alarm permits have a $10.00 annual fee.

  4. Hospitals, banks, and similar institutions have an annual fee of $250.00


For more information on alarm permits please click here.


Click here for Alarm Permit application and please mail filled application to:

Att: Records Division

Brownsville Police Department

600 E. Jackson St.

Brownsville, TX 78520


Or emailed all required information to

For more information please call 956-548-7033 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday

Service Fees for FALSE ALARMS

(within any one (1) calendar year)