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ARRESTED: Aggravated Robbery

Isaac Ramos (36)

On November 16, 2017, officers responded to 6100 block of Padre Island Highway in reference to an Aggravated Robbery. A male subject entered the store with a metallic revolver in his hand and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk fearing for his safety gave the suspect approximately $17.00 from the cash register. The suspect took a lighter, three packs of Camel Crush Menthol Cigarettes and the clerk’s wallet. A witness that was at location at the time of the robbery was able to identified the suspect and a check reveled that the suspect lived at 900 block of N. Iowa. Detectives responded to location and located and detained Isaac Ramos and subsequent to the investigation placed him under arrest for aggravated robbery. The suspect's clothing used in the robbery, a pack of Camel Crush Menthol Cigarettes and the revolver were also located at the residence. Case cleared by arrest.

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