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ARRESTED: Unauthorized Reproduction of Temporary Tags; Breach of Computer Security

Brenda Salinas (33)

Eric Salinas (38)

Agents of the South Texas Auto Theft Enforcement Task Force (affiliated with the Auto Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority-ABTPA) along with Agents of the Special Investigations Unit of BPD, State Comptroller Office, Texas DMV and the Cameron County District Attorney’s Office responded to the 3500 block of Southmost road to serve a search warrant and arrest warrants for Eric Salinas and Brenda Salinas. Both are the owners of Salinas Auto Sales and each had 10 warrants pending; five for Unauthorized Reproduction of Temp Tags and five for Breach of Computer Security. Agents conducted an investigation which revealed business was issuing temporary tags without proper authority from the state and without the proper documentation. The suspects were taking advantage of the citizens of Brownsville by not giving them the vehicle titles after the purchase of a vehicle. Agents seized 41 vehicles, all business documentation and computers. Case remains under investigation.

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