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ARRESTED: Possession of Marijuana (24.2 lbs)

Jesus Francisco Cordova (35)

Leticia Romo-Candanoza (37)

On 05/11/2017 members of the Special Investigations Unit executed a search warrant on the 1700 block of McKinley St. A search warrant had been granted after probable cause had been obtained to search the residence. Upon executing the search warrant officers observed two subjects outside of the residence. Both subjects were immediately detained. One of the individuals was identified as Jesus Francisco Cordova, the main suspect of the investigation. Agents also detained a female identified as Leticia Romo-Candanoza. The female had also been observed selling illegal narcotics prior to the execution of the warrant. Agents proceeded to conduct the search and they seized 24.2 lbs. of marijuana inside the residence and inside a tool shed adjacent to the residence. Cordova and Romo-Candanoza both took responsibility for the illegal distribution of narcotics. They were both booked in for Possession of Marijuana (3rd degree felony).

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