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Records Services and Fees.

The Records Division Processes and Maintains Files on all incoming Police Reports. The Records Division forwards report copies to appropriate Courts and Agencies, and provides the Public with copies of reports as stated by the Public Information Act. In addition, Records Division also handles statistical requests and complies with UCR reports monthly.

Available Records Request Forms, Services and Process Fees.

Information Inspection

Public information that is readily available may be inspected by the requester. Fees of any copies made will be charged according to the fee schedule.

Deposit & Accepting Charges

Requests estimated to be in excess of $100 require a deposit.  You should notify us within 10 business days if you accept the charges and agree to pay or, if you wish to modify your request. Otherwise, the request will be considered withdrawn. Should the requested information result in a higher amount than was estimated, you will be charged accordingly. If a refund is applicable, it will be provided under separate cover.


Processing & Billing

Once we receive your acceptance of the estimated fees (if any), we will start processing your request. Should the fee amount be larger than estimated, you will be billed. Future requests will not be provided until any fee amount owed is paid.


Voluminous Requests

Out of town or voluminous/lengthy requests will be mailed out upon acceptance of the invoiced cost. In-town requests can be picked up at this office upon payment.

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