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Peddlers/Solicitors Permit

The Brownville Police Department would like to remind everyone ahead of this year’s Charro Days festivities, that at the time of making an application for a peddlers/solicitors permit, the applicant shall submit to fingerprinting and photographing by the chief of police under city ordinance section 22-518. Applicants will have their fingerprints taken at IdentoGo for a separate fee (located at 7470 Padre Island Highway #170 or for locations in Texas near you and more information visit the IdentoGo website at Once fingerprints are taken, the required documents will be returned to the Office of the Chief of Police for further review. It is recommended applicants consider submitting their applications and the required bond with ample time in order to complete the process of obtaining the permit. All required documentation must be submitted to the Office of the Chief of Police by February 14, 2020. For more information call the Office of the Chief of Police at (956)548-7050. The links below refer to city ordinance on some requirements in obtaining the peddlers/solicitors permit.




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