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ARRESTED: Poss of Controlled Substance; Poss of Marijuana

Richard Russell (37)

Jesse Russell (59)

Roxanne Stansbury (22)

On 4-26-2018 at 1:12PM, Narcotics Agents obtained a Search Warrant for the residence on the 2000 block of East Taylor Street. Assistance of the Department’s SWAT Team was requested in serving the Search Warrant due to the history at the location and that of the targets. The SWAT Team conducted the entry into the location and secured 6 subjects who were found inside. All 6 subjects (4 males | 2 females) were transported to the police department for further investigation. Agents interviewed all subjects who were detained. Investigation revealed that 3 subjects were not involved in the sale of narcotics. Two of the subjects identified as Richard Russell and Jesse Russell were arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana. Both were also wanted fugitives out of TX Dept. of Correction Parole Board. A female subject identified as Roxanne Stansbury was wanted for an Failure To Appear warrant in the amount of $380.00 and was also a wanted fugitive out of Cameron County Court at Law #2 for an FTA (Theft Case). The other 3 subjects were found to not being involved in the sale of narcotics at the location. Case remains under investigation.

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