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ARRESTED: Possession of Marijuana (96.1lbs)

Eluid Rosendo Guerrero-Ramirez (31)

On 3-19-2018 at approximately 5:39 PM, Narcotics Agents arrested Eluid Rosendo Guerrero-Ramirez for Possession of Marijuana. Guerrero-Ramirez was arrested after a traffic stop was conducted on the 25000 block of North Expressway. Upon making contact, Agents discovered Guerrero-Ramirez did not have a Texas Drivers License nor any type of identification. Agents could smell an odor of marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle. Guerrero-Ramirez was arrested for the traffic violations and upon searching the vehicle for inventory, Agents located 2 bundles of marijuana in the cargo area. The total weight of the marijuana is 96.1 lbs. Guerrero-Ramirez was additionally charged with Possession of Marijuana.

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