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ARRESTED: Man/Del of Controlled Substance (2.70 lbs cocaine)

Raul Jose Fernandez (39)

On 07/03/2017 Agents from the Special Investigations Unit responded to the 3900 block of S. Expressway to assist patrol officers who were responding to a call of a male subject identified as Raul Jose Fernandez who had previously left some illegal narcotics inside one of the rooms at the location. Fernandez was back at location and attempting to rent the room in which the narcotics had been found. Agents made contact with Fernandez as he was about to enter the hotel. Fernandez was advised of the pending investigation in regards to the 2.70 lbs. of cocaine which the Patrol Officers had previously seized, after his stay at the location. Fernandez was now trying to rent the same room possibly thinking that the illegal narcotics were still inside the room. Fernandez was already staying in a separate room he had rented at the same location. Fernandez would later give a statement implicating himself to the offense. Fernandez was arrested and charged with Manufacture and/or Delivery of a Substance (cocaine).

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