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ARRESTED: Agg Assault; Escape; Evading arrest; Resisting Arrest

Ricardo Gonzalez (21)

Officers responded to the 2200 block of S. Indiana to a call of a subject with a gun. The Officers arrived at the location and observed a male subject in the parking lot with a handgun. Officers confronted the subject and placed him under arrest. The Officers successfully seized the handgun from the subject without incident. The witness advised that subject was firing the weapon in an attempt to scare the victim. While the Officers were attempting to secure the subject in the unit, the subject was able to break free from the officers and run away into the brushy area across the street. K-9 Officers were called out to search the area. With the assistance of DPS, and other Law Enforcement Agencies, subject was located within a couple of hours in the brushy area about ¾ of mile from the original location. Subject was identified and charged with several charges. Case remains under investigation for possible further charges.

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