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ARRESTED: Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance (Cocaine 221 grams)

Oscar Arnoldo Aleman Rodriguez (41)

On 05/04/17, a traffic stop on a Red Dodge Durango yielded a total of 221 grams of cocaine. The vehicle was stopped after committing a traffic violation. The driver was identified as Oscar Arnoldo Aleman Rodriguez of Harlingen, TX. There was also a female passenger in the vehicle. Officers obtained consent to search the vehicle after observing the driver and passenger being extremely nervous. Officer located 76 grams of cocaine in the vehicle. Narcotics Agents then requested and obtained consent to search the drivers residence, which is on the 1200 block of Whitewing St in Harlingen, Texas. Agents located and additional 145 grams of cocaine at the residence. Aleman Rodriguez was charged with Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance. The passenger was released pending further investigation and indictment.

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