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ARRESTED: Possession of Marijuana 11.57lbs

Guadalupe Martinez (29)

Jesus A. Rodriguez (21)

On 04/06/2015 Agents from the Special Investigations Unit conducted an investigation which led to the arrest of three individuals. Agents were conducting surveillance on a male subject as part of an investigation. The subject was driving a White Ford Explorer and which the Agent made contact on Central Boulevard. A consensual encounter was initiated with the driver who was identified as Guadalupe Martinez. Martinez was asked for consent to search of the vehicle, which he granted. During the search, Agents located 10.9 lbs. of marijuana. At this point the subject was detained for further investigation. Agents then proceeded to the 2300 block of Old Port Isabel to do a consent to search at that location, since Martinez had been seen leaving that location. Agents located additional marijuana at that residence. The combined amount of marijuana seized was 11.57 lbs. At the residence agents located two individuals identified as Jesus Alberto Rodriguez and Andres Casas. Rodriguez was also charged with the Possession of Marijuana after he was implicated. Casas, the third individual, was arrested on Failure to Appear traffic Warrants.

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