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ARRESTED: Burglary of Vehicle (X2); Attempted Burglary of Vehicle (X9)

Leonel Garica (19)

Jesse Castillo (23)

On 2-3-2017, Auto Theft Agents charged Jesse Castillo and Leonel Garcia with 2 counts for burglary of vehicle offenses each and 9 counts for Attempted burglary of vehicle offenses. Jesse and Leonel were arrested the previous day by Patrol Officers for two burglaries of vehicle offenses. At the time of the patrol arrest, Auto Theft was contacted since additional property was located in the trunk of the suspect’s vehicle and no victims were found at that time. One of the suspects identified several neighborhoods and the subject identified the vehicles they burglarized and those they attempted to burglarize. Statements were obtained from both suspects implicating themselves to said offenses.

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