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Possession of Controlled Substance (cocaine & Ecstasy)

On 12/19/16, SIU Agents conducted surveillance on 346 W. Monroe st. in reference to anonymous complaints about male subject named Juan Jose Salinas a.k.a. "Cacho" making deliveries of crack cocaine. A white Cadillac SRX was observed parked in the driveway during surveillance. The vehicle proceeded to back up from driveway and leave the residence. The vehicle came up to the intersection of W. Jackson st. where it observed a marked Police K9 unit and hesitated driving away from the intersection despite there being no traffic. The vehicle eventually turned onto Palm and drove down a high rate of speed before turning onto Belvedere Dr. The vehicle was stopped after being paced going 30MPH in a 20MPH zone. The driver was identified as Salinas and appeared to be very nervous. An odor of marijuana was also detected emitting from inside the vehicle. Salinas was placed under arrest for not having a drivers license or insurance on the vehicle. The Officer believed that Salinas might have thrown narcotics from his vehicle prior to being stopped. A check of the intersection of Belvedere Dr. and Palm Blvd revealed 4 pieces of clear sandwich bag which contained crack cocaine. The crack cocaine was found weigh in at 14.9 grams total.

Agents responded to 300 block of W. Monroe st. where contact was made with Salinas’ common law spouse. She provided written consent to search the residence. Two units of Ecstasy were found in master bedroom closet along with U.S. currency which was not seized.

Salinas provided an audio statement admitted to throwing the crack cocaine from his vehicle after seeing police K9 unit. The crack cocaine was bought by him to sell and make additional money. Salinas also stated the Ecstasy pills found in his house belonged to him. He was charged with two counts of Possession of Controlled Substance (cocaine & Ecstasy) and cited for No drivers license and no insurance.

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