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Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substance (cocaine)

Rodolfo Alejandro Aguirre (24)

On 12/19/16, a traffic stop was conducted on a black Chevrolet Tahoe for the traffic violation of failing to signal when turning left from Morningside Rd onto S. Central Ave. The vehicle came to a stop at the 400 blk. of S. Central Ave. The driver was identified as Rodolfo A. Aguirre. Aguirre was observed to be nervous and hesitated when answering questions. Verbal consent to search the vehicle was asked for and granted by Aguirre who was the driver and only occupant of the vehicle. A clear plastic bagggie containing cocaine was found in the open middle console of the vehicle in plain view by some cell phones. Three additional baggies containing cocaine were also found inside a Cheetos bag in the center console compartment. The total weight of the four bags of cocaine was 9.2 grams total. Aguirre was arrested and charged with Manufacture and Delivery of Controlled Substance (cocaine).

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