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Man/Del of C/S Cocaine; Man/Del of C/S Synthetic Marijuana; Possession of Marijuana; Unlawful posses

Ismael Garza (33)

On 12/07/16, a traffic stop was conducted by Special Investigation Unit K9 on an orange Honda Accord for a traffic violation. The driver, Ismael Garza was found to have no drivers license and arrested for the moving violation. During the inventory of the vehicle, baggies with cocaine and crack cocaine were found inside the vehicle. Synthetic marijuana in original packaging and sandwich bags were also found in the car.

Garza was asked for consent to search his residence based on the amount of narcotics found in the vehicle and the way they were packaged for sale. Garza provided consent to search his residence located at 2300 block of Old Port Isabel Rd.

A total of 2891.6 grams of Synthetic Marijuana, 7.6 grams of cocaine and crack-cocaine, 3.6 ounces of marijuana, a Titan 25 Caliber Auto and a Taurus 9mm Caliber, and U.S. currency were seized during the investigation. The total amount of bags containing synthetic marijuana was 211.

Ismael Garza was booked and charged for Possession of Marijuana ( 3.6 oz), Manufacture or Delivery Of Substance in PG 1 (Cocaine/Crack-Cocaine) ( 7.6 grams) , Manufacture or Delivery of Substance in PG 2-A (Synthetic Marijuana) (2891.6 grams), Unlawful Possession of a Firearm (By A Felon), Fail to Drive in a Single Marked Lane and No Driver’s License.

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