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Possession of Marijuana (293.3lbs)

Santos Manuel Garza (32)

Narcotics Agents conducted an investigation on a subject that was allegedly in possession of a large amount of narcotics. Agents observed the subject on the 7500 block of Boca Chica and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop on a beige in color Nissan Titan. The vehicle came to a stop on the 100 block of Tamarindo. Agents identified the driver as Garza and obtained consent to search his residence, which was where he came to stop. Garza gave a statement implicating himself to hiding several bundles of marijuana at a family members residence next door, which was unoccupied. Agents seized 33 bundles with a total weight of 293.3lbs. Garza was charged with Possession of Marijuana. Case remains under investigation.

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