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Manufacture and Delivery of C/S (cocaine) Possession of Marijuana

Michael Salas (32)

On 12/01/16, Officer conducted a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet Cruze for a traffic violation of passing in a no passing zone on the 1800 blk of N. Frontage Rd. The vehicle came to a stop on the 2600 blk of Barnard Rd. The driver was identified as Michael Salas. Salas was asked for verbal consent to search his vehicle to which he agreed. A usable amount of marijuana was found underneath the driver seat and by middle console. Salas was arrested for Possession of Marijuana and transported to Brownsville Police Department. Upon escorting Salas from the patrol Unit, it was discovered that Salas had attempted to discard baggies of cocaine. A total of five baggies of cocaine were found on the floorboard of patrol unit where Salas had been sitting. Salas was found to have an additional baggie of cocaine in his left shoe. A total of six baggies were seized with a combined weight of 3.4 grams. Salas was booked into city jail for Possession of Marijuana and Manufacture/Delivery of Substance Cocaine.

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