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Possession of Controlled Substance, Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance, Fail to ID

Manuel Alfredo Garza (33)

Agents of the Brownsville Police Department conducted surveillance at a residence located on the 1100 block of Bowie Rd after receiving information of a male subject selling heroin from the location. A male subject, later identified as Manuel Alfredo Garza, was conducting deliveries of black tar heroin. Narcotics Agents observed Garza leave the residence in his vehicle and they proceeded to stop him for traffic violations. Garza was placed under arrest for failure to I.D. and several traffic warrants out of Brownsville Municipal Court. Six pieces of aluminum foil with black tar heroin and two small zip-loc type baggies with crack cocaine were found inside the vehicle after a K-9 alerted to a free air sniff and vehicle inventory. Garza provided written consent to search his residence and an additional seven pieces of foil with black tar heroin were found. The total weight of black tar heroin was 2.7 grams and the crack cocaine weighed in at 0.5 grams. Garza was charged with FTA, Capias, Failure to ID, Possession of Controlled Substance in PG-1 (SJF), and Manufacture or Delivery of Substance in PG-1 (2nd degree felony).

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