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We welcome you to the Brownsville Police Department’s Activities Page. 


Chief Sauceda is highly committed to and engaged with our community. As the community heeds CDC warnings and recommendations, he has diligently worked with his developers to create this page as a way to help individuals and families stay active while at home.


With all age groups in mind, we have gathered dozens of free resources to help keep your body moving, imagination challenged, and creativity flowing! Take this time to learn, start a new hobby, or take the first step to a new healthier lifestyle. Maybe you want to start your morning off with an exercise, excel in a new hobby, learn how to bake, or see a part of the world that you have always wanted to see, from the comfort of your home. 

Use these resources to help keep everyone in your house, from young children to seniors, engaged and entertained! We are continuously adding new content. We would love to see you involved with these resources, so check back frequently. Have suggestions? Send them to us at 


Please note we are not affiliated, we do not endorse, and we do not collect any funding from any of these resources that are attached.

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