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Hiring Process

Phase One | Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Examination will be given to establish an eligibility list for Police Officers on a date and location designated by the Office of the Director of Civil Service, Becky Anzaldua. The Civil Service Exam will take approximately 4 hours. To successfully complete Phase One, an applicant must achieve a score of 70 or better.

Phase Two | Applicant Orientation

Applicants who successfully complete Phase One will be placed on a certified list approved by the Civil Service Commission. When entry level vacancies are available, the Department will draw from the certified list in order of ranking. Only after a successful completion of Phase One, the applicants will be scheduled to attend the Applicant Orientation on a designated date and location. The Applicants will meet with the Director of Training, Training Coordinator and/or Training Investigators, where they will receive an Application Packet. The applicants will receive instructions regarding the completion of the Application Packet, the application process, the submission of required documents, deadlines and the submission of fingerprints. Professional attire is required. Applicant Orientation will take approximately 3 hours.

Required Documents (Original + Copy)

(If Applicable)

  • Certified birth certificate

  • High school diploma/GED

  • Certified high school transcript

  • Certified college transcript(s)

  • College degree

  • Naturalization papers

  • U.S. Military DD-214

  • National Guard NGB-22

  • Marriage certificate(s)

  • Divorce petitions/final divorce decree(s)

  • Valid driver's license

  • Social Security Card

  • Proof of auto insurance

  • TCOLE or other state police officer license

  • Peace Officer records; certificates/training(s)

  • Credit Report

Phase Three | Background Investigation

You will be contacted by your assigned Background Investigator. An extensive background investigation will be conducted on your personal, family, financial, employment, credit, and residential history. The background investigation could take up to 12 weeks.

Phase Four | Oral Board

The Oral Board may consist of a panel of the Brownsville Police Department’s Command Staff, Supervisors, and Senior Officers. Qualified applicants will be scheduled to an Oral Board interview. Professional attire is required.

Phase Five | Review & Police Chief Approval

The application file will go through a final review process and be submitted to the Chief of Police for final review and interview. If the applicant is given a conditional offer of employment, the applicant will be required to successfully complete Phase Six and Seven of the hiring process.

Phase Six | Psychological & Medical Exams

If given a conditional offer of employment by the Chief of Police, the applicant will be scheduled for a medical and a psychological examination. It is important to report on time to these appointments. If you wear glasses or contacts, please make sure to bring them to your appointment. You are required to pass these exams before being admitted to the police academy or, if already TCOLE certified, before entering the probationary status.

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